E & E project wins a Distinguished Engineering Award

E & E was awarded a 2019 Distinguished Engineering Award by the New Jersey Alliance for Action for our Middlesex Municipal Landfill FUSRAP Site project.

Our team was presented the award on Tuesday at the NJAA’s seventh annual Distinguished Engineering Awards breakfast at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, N.J.

distinguished engineering award, middlesex landfill
E & E employees accept a Distinguished Engineering Award at the New Jersey Alliance for Action breakfast on October 15. Left to right: Jack Maserejian, Dan Kennedy, Jason Goldstein, Katharine Perry, and Kathleen Marean. (Photo courtesy of Josh Davison/Stokes Creative Group)

Project Background

E & E worked on this project with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Kansas City and New York District, beginning in 2017. The Middlesex Municipal Landfill is a 37-acre site in Middlesex County, N.J. As a result of early atomic energy programs in the United States, radiologically contaminated soil and residual uranium ore pieces were disposed of in the landfill in the late 1940s.

E & E and the USACE conducted a pilot study to determine if the radiologically contaminated material at the landfill could be effectively isolated from other materials to reduce the amount of material requiring special handling and disposal. E & E tested a cutting-edge soil sorting technology at the site to segregate materials that had been previously thought to be difficult—if not impossible—to separate. Through a series of 30 tests designed to understand sorting capabilities for diffuse and point source contamination, the study ultimately demonstrated that only 22% of the entire volume of soil processed was radiologically contaminated.

superfund, dan kennedy, middlesex landfill
E & E Geologist Dan Kennedy, who served as the Project Manager on the award-winning Middlesex Municipal Landfill project, is interviewed for a promotional video during New Jersey Alliance for Action’s Distinguished Engineering Awards breakfast. (Photo courtesy of Josh Davison/Stokes Creative Group)

Our study concluded that automated radiological soil sorting technology is ideal as a remedial alternative in the Feasibility Study for this site, as well as other contaminated sites in the future.

This study produced noteworthy benefits to the local communities in Middlesex County as well as our client. It demonstrated a cost-effective and practicable technology to remediate a radiologically contaminated landfill in their neighborhood. Utilizing this sort of innovative solution frees up money spent on remediation, ultimately providing greater protection of human health and the environment.

Last year, the Middlesex Municipal Landfill project was also awarded a Diamond Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), New York—the highest honor in the ACEC’s state competitions—as well as a Recognition Award at the National ACEC competition.

New Jersey Alliance for Action is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of over 2,500 New Jersey-based labor, business, professional, academic, and government leaders. The group’s mission is to improve New Jersey’s economy through the promotion of local infrastructure and construction investment.

Learn more about our award-winning engineering work on our website, or contact Practice Leader Jason Goldstein at JGoldstein@ene.com for more information.

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