Going above and beyond for our clients with drones

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For nearly 50 years, E & E has leveraged technology to deliver inventive solutions for our clients. We are proud to now offer extensive drone services, also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Our staff includes FAA-licensed drone pilots who capture high-resolution photo and HD video aerial footage with a fleet of enterprise-grade drones. The team is trained in best practices for drone operation and have extensive experience capturing footage over areas of difficult terrain, surveying sites, scoping project areas, and more – all without disturbing the resident wildlife or environment.

Why use our drone services?

easily Capture footage of remote, protected, or unsafe areas

Effectively mitigating any risk

view areas invisible to the naked eye

Partially submerged shorelines, rock reefs, you name it — this helps to proactively address issues of concerns

Record the gps location and altitude of an area

Ensuring accuracy in your data

gain a superior vantage point for a project

Allowing you to understand the true size of a project area

Our drone services offer a powerful tool for a wide range of clients. Since drone technology removes the need for direct boots-on-the-ground work, clients can get a head-start on projects that typically require spring or summer weather to complete — making them an ideal choice for shoreline restoration, wetland applications, and site assessment and remediation projects. Additionally, our project engineers and subject matter experts can view the drone footage in real-time on-site, ensuring the correct data is captured during flight. 

In early 2019, we worked on a project with New York State Parks. Here’s our footage from the job.

Drones can also play a major role in the environmental impact assessment process. By observing and counting habitats, birds, and large areas of special concern, clients can ensure that resources are accounted for, saving time and building confidence in the final results. 

but what can i use the footage for?

The high-quality photos and videos captured by our drones can be used for stakeholder outreach and public education efforts, building trust through compelling visuals.

Clients have the ability to zoom in to fine detail, and the photos captured require very little post-processing — although our graphics team can provide professional post-processing if needed. Drones provide an efficient way to do a preliminary assessment with high-quality imagery and allow teams to quickly identify priorities.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about how our drone services can help your project move forward more effectively.

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